Theater Major & Minor


永恒国际网站Would you like to manage a stage, design a set or make your debut as an actor? As a theater major at Goshen College, you’ll earn your fair share of time in the spotlight and backstage. You’ll participate in full-length mainstage shows, one act plays and musical theater performances—all hands-on opportunities to apply technical and artistic skills learned during class. And by the time you graduate, you’ll have created your own senior show!

As a theater major, you’ll explore acting, design, literature, playwriting, voice and movement, in addition to studying the history and philosophy of theater. GC’s theater program emphasizes the liberal arts, so you can augment your thespian knowledge with courses in art, music, communication, English and foreign languages. After college, you can expect to do what GC alumni are doing now—working coast to coast in theaters, touring companies, education and video/film production.

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Faculty & Staff

Doug Caskey

永恒国际网站Professor of Theater

永恒国际网站Anna Kurtz Kuk

Assistant Professor of Theater

Suzanne Ehst

Associate Professor of Education & Director of Secondary Education

Pat Lehman

永恒国际网站Professor of Communication

永恒国际网站Danielle Pagoria

永恒国际网站Administrative Assistant